The Secret to Exceptional Health

interview with Dr Gil Kajiki of The Valley Thyroid InstituteRebecca

interview with Dr Gil Kajiki of The Valley Thyroid Institute

Do you wake up feeling fatigued despite a good nights rest?

Are you battling exhaustion as you go through the day?

Do you still pile on the pounds regardless of a gruelling workout routine and find it a struggle to shift the weight?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you will be fascinated by the information that my expert shares on a common health issue that many people unknowingly suffer from. 

Dr Gil Kajiki, the founder of the Valley Thyroid Institute, has been a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Chiropractor for 30 years. The main focus of his practice is thyroid and Auto Immune condition.

Although Dr. Gil works from his office in California, his patients are from all over the world and reside in countries across the globe.

In this podcast you will learn about Dr Kajiki’s Low Thyroid Protocol, the successes that he has had with his patients and how he can help you calibrate your physical state.