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If you are sick and tired of being tired

Known as The Miracle Doctor That Other Doctors Turn to. For the past 9 years I have helped over 1,000 Low Thyroid patients from all over the world. And in 98% of the cases, patients were able to see lasting improvement in just 6 to 8 weeks using our safe , natural, and extremely effective treatments, even in severe cases.

Dr. Gil Kajiki, C.F.M.P., D.C.

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You'll discover the true causes of your symptoms -- the triggers (including what your other doctors missed; most people I see the doctors miss something.)

Here's What An Evaluation will Do For You:

You'll get a thorough 2-hour Thyroid Discovery Evaluation over two separate appointments (done remotely over phone or skype)

You will get a customized treatment plan along with personalized recommendation on how to correct your problem. (If followed our plans have a 98% success rate, even for difficult cases)

We will comb through your labs and health history. So we can pinpoint the true cause of your symptoms


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Our Clients Love Us

Jessica from Indiana

"Low Thyroid-Fatigue, brain fog, weight loss success from Indiana. I didn't expect my stomach problems and headaches to ever go away. I thought I was doomed with them. My fatigue is better. Trust the power of food and natural medicine first before putting pills in your body."


"Menstrual cramps, fatigue resolved in 7 weeks. First heard about you from a girlfriend. She talked to me about her Hashimoto's. My period was completely out of whack. Body was fatigued. Wasn't sleeping at all. Major digestive issues. I was always bloated. In 6 weeks through this process I can see that my body changed. I have a lot of energy. If you spent so much time and energy but haven't tried a more natural path. You should do this. This is natural. Find out what's wrong with you and deal with those issues." 

"Hashimoto's Brain Fog, Fatigue success. I was fatigued, inability to lose weight, getting up very often in the middle of the night. Bloating and digestive issues. I went to see my family doctor. He said, "Even if you did have Hashimoto's, we can't do anything because your THS is too high". 


I went looking for a all natural approach. 8 weeks later I feel less bloated, I have more energy, I'm sleeping better. My clothes fit me better. Over all I feel healthier. If you have these issues go with a doctor who's an expert in Thyroid health."

Do you suffer from low-thyroid or Hashimoto's even though you've been told you have "normal" lab results?  

"Our plans have a 98% success rate, even for difficult cases."

"I accepted that fatigue and brain fog was a normal everyday thing. It's NOT normal. I've seen other doctors over the years and no one has been able to resolve this. You are the only who has helped."

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