Dr. Brian Fennelly

Dr. Brian Fennelly received his doctorate of Chiropractic and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1995. He pursued this career after chiropractic helped him with allergies as a teenager. After receiving countless medications and allergy shots, adhering to restrictive diets, and enduring painful allergy testing, he finally turned to Chiropractic care and experienced the first symptom free hay-fever season in his life. It was then that he realized the body was able to heal itself with the right help and decided that he wanted to help others in the same way.

His postgraduate studies have been in Functional Wellness and he has traveled the country seeking solutions to our “Sick Care” Crisis. These Wellness based post-graduate studies include Functional Endocrinology, Functional Immunology, Functional Blood Panels, and the latest research in Naturally-Based Biochemistry that allows the body to heal and thrive.

Dr. Fennelly is passionate about helping clients using a Wellness Program that incorporates nutrition, detoxification, hormone balance, fitness, and permanent weight control. These programs are based on a step-by-step, easy to follow, STRUCTURED approach, EDUCATION, and One-on-One MENTORING. It is his passion to educate others so that they may be a proactive part of their own health and well-being. He has had the privilege of seeing thousands of patients experience their own successes by losing weight, reducing and/or eliminating medications, avoiding needless surgery, and essentially getting their lives and health back.

After several years of stress and an unhealthy lifestyle in college, Dr. Fennelly reversed his Diabetes and lost over 78 pounds after implementing a Functional Wellness lifestyle program. He continues to walk the walk and lives in the trenches with his clients, understanding that the way to health and then wellness is achieved through education, application of simple systems for implementing lifestyle changes, and having a coach/mentor. In dealing with his wife’s challenges with Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction that caused hormonal imbalances, he understands the challenges that many Americans (and others around the globe) have needlessly suffered from. From his own personal experience, to past health challenges in his own family, to helping thousands of clients every year, Dr. Fennelly feels blessed to be a part of so many positive changes that are affecting people’s quality of life.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: “I continue to feel blessed to be able to mentor and coach our clients to a state of Wellness so that they may enjoy a functional lifestyle at any age. My goal is to help others achieve their life and health goals and to incorporate a lifestyle that will be taught to their children so that this “Health Crisis” doesn’t continue to get worse for the future generations to come.” –Dr. Brian Fennelly