Here is a recent success story about Nora, who came to me with severe bloating, weight gain, depression, and hypo-thyroid problems.

Dr. Kajiki: This is Nora.

Nora: Yes, how are you

DR. KAJIKI: Hi, Nora. How are you?

DR KAJIKI:  I want you to tell me about why you came to me for your thyroid problem, and tell us what your age and your occupation are.

NORA: Well, um, my name is Nora. I’m fifty-three years old and I sell furniture. I came here because I have a very bad problem with my thyroid.

DR. KAJIKI: So we did a test and we found out that you had Hashimotos?

NORA: Yes, I was concerned because, I was thinking something bad happened with my body because  I had a lot of fatigue, and no motivation, and losing my hair and my skin was drying. And the doctor said it’s your menopause. Oh my God, how many years I’m going to be in my menopause?

NORA: We tried kind of hormones.

DR. KAJIKI:  Hormones?  And that didn’t work.

NORA: Right, that didn’t work. And DR. KAJIKI, I started feeling worse and worse and thought, “Oh my God maybe I’m going to die?” Maybe have cancer or something really bad? Every time I go to my doctor, he said, Oh you need a pill for the depression and you need a vitamin B.

DR. KAJIKI: It doesn’t work anyway right?

NORA: It works the first month. You feel like you are doing good but after one month, going back again.

NORA: And it’s like a roller coaster and you’re going up and down, up and down and now, all in my stomach. I went to my  gastro Dr and they did all the tests in my stomach and my stomach was like nine months pregnant woman.

NORA: And DR. KAJIKI, I  feel like so bad because being pregnant fifty-two years feels so bad-

DR. KAJIKI:. You’ve been with me now for about four weeks, a little over three.

NORA: It has been, about that.

DR. KAJIKI: No more than that,  you’ve been about, so you’re at six weeks now. So six weeks later, so how much weight have you lost?

NORA: Nine pounds.

DR. KAJIKI: Nine pounds.

NORA: Yes.

DR. KAJIKI: And you said your depression had improved?

NORA: Yes. It’s improved a lot but the first thing that I realized that this plan is working, is that my stomach now was flat.

DR. KAJIKI: So you have a flat stomach now.

NORA: Yeah.

DR. KAJIKI: So you could fit into your pants better now?

NORA: Yes, I fit in my pants now so much better.

NORA: Cause I feel better and better and now DR. KAJIKI, can wear my jeans.

DR. KAJIKI: Good. Good.

NORA: Excellent.

DR. KAJIKI: So this, new plan where you’re- so you’ve lost weight, you have less inflammation, your depression is getting better,  and your fatigue is getting better.

NORA: Yeah, because now I want to go back to the gym.  Six weeks before, I want to stay in my room, see no one. I can hardly wake up and go to work. And now, I want to go back to the gym.

DR. KAJIKI: Good. Congratulations. : Good, okay so that’s a great follow-up and now we’re going to be doing another one where we’re going to be seeing even more improvement.

NORA: Great.

DR. KAJIKI: Okay, thank you Nora.

NORA: You’re welcome.