The Kajiki Protocol Mission

The Kajiki Protocol Mission

It all started 12 years ago

My life partner, Kim, began to come down with frequent colds, flu’s and various illnesses. These illnesses eventually turned into a bad case of Epstein-Barr virus infection that caused her to miss work for weeks. She had extreme fatigue, fevers, she began to lose hair and had a bout of malaise. She had to get frequent B-12 shots just to be semi-functional.

These bouts of illnesses continued over the next several years, and by 2007 some new symptoms had appeared. Night sweats would wake her up drenched in sweat. The heart palpitations also disrupted her sleep. The heart palpitations along with the fatigue from the EBV made for a horrible day at work.

Her digestion was awful, she would have abdominal bloating, gas and swelling with even the most harmless of foods. This also led to a weight gain of about 50 pounds. As her health continued to decline, her M.D.s didn’t have any answers. After all, she could still go to work, still function at a decent level. It wasn’t bad enough for them to do any more testing or treatments.

We felt abandoned. The “experts” we looked to for her were telling us that Kim was just going to have to live with it… just “suck it up.”

Finally, one night she woke up with such bad wheezing, she could barely breath and we went to the Emergency Room at West Hills Hospital. They ran their tests and admitted her with pneumonia. For 5 days she was put on anti-biotics and constant oxygen. Christmas was 2 days away and she didn’t want to be in the hospital on Christmas.

My Relentless Search To Find Help For Kim Finally Pays Off…

Throughout this time I had begun studying everything I could get my hands on that pertained to Kim’s symptoms. I read research articles, consulted with experts, yet always seemed to run into dead ends.

At the time my life parter had been admitted to the hospital, I had started to study Functional Medicine (the natural approach to managing symptoms of chronic conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Hashimoto’s, Vertigo). I had ordered my own blood work for Kim just a few days before she went into the hospital. The results had come in and I discovered she tested positive for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism.

After consulting with my other colleagues about this condition, it all made sense now. It explained why she was getting sick so often, the night sweats, fatigue, depression, abdominal bloating, and hair loss. It all fit together now.

Her doctor saw her in the hospital and concurred, she did have Hashimoto’s. The medical treatment for that would be Thyroid Hormone Replacement… for life.

That wasn’t an option for us. They had been treating her for years without any success and we were not ready to commit to a lifetime of medication without exploring all of our options first.

She had recovered enough to be released from the hospital on December 24th. For the first time, we finally knew what her problem was… She had an autoimmune condition and we had to find a way to modulate her immune function if she was to finally get well again.

My sole focus in life at this point was directed toward taking care of her and helping her get past this condition. I studied voraciously with a passion about Hashimoto’s. I sought out the top Functional Medicine Doctors in the country and read all of the journal articles I could get my hands on.

As a result of this dedication and the discoveries I made, I am happy to say that Kim no longer experiences any symptoms of her Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. We know this is an auto-immune condition that cannot be cured, but it can be managed and controlled with the appropriate methods. With the knowledge we gained on managing her condition, as well as nutritional protocols, she now maintains good health with no symptoms of the Hashimoto’s.

I can’t stand to think about somebody having to go through the prolonged struggle with this condition like Kim did. I felt helpless at times during this period knowing that the person I loved the most was struggling and I couldn’t find anyone that could help her. Because of this experience, I have dedicated my practice to helping Hashimoto’s and low thyroid patients overcome their symptoms naturally.

Your struggle may be similar. You maybe have even lost faith in doctors or just don’t think that anybody can help you. To see if our approach may be right for you:  Register for Your FREE True Thyroid Solutions Training