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Minisa’s Story

My body was shutting down, and I felt so bad I ended up frequently using a walker…. I had already given up on getting better, but then I met you over the phone…. I began your program, and my life began to change immediately.…

I lost 23 pounds quickly, sleep got better, brain fog lifted, skin and hair look better, my swollen face is gone, and so many more things are just so much better!

When a couple symptoms remained, you weren’t comfortable with that…. You found Epstein Barr was something I was dealing with…. I can’t express to you how appreciative I am of your… commitment to patient care…constant availability for questions…and sincere desire to help me and other patients get better!*

*Results may vary.


“I had a lot of pain—my hips, my shoulder and my thumb, which is not good because I am a chef. It was affecting my work and my sleep. I had IBS-like symptoms, but I didn’t realize that I had brain fog until it finally lifted. Energy was low and then what they thought was a goiter. . . . And for about a year-and-a-half, just coughing and coughing. Just before I started working with you, I often started choking when I was eating. . . .

Within a short time after starting the protocol, the pain started to alleviate, and it just continued to alleviate more and more. With that being lifted, I have been able to sleep better. . . . I am just on point at work, so much better, and I am coming up with creative solutions.

My IBS-like symptoms had prevented me from going into work sometimes in the morning, and I had to stay home. . . . That’s not happening anymore, so I mean it’s just priceless to me. . . . It’s pretty fantastic.”* — Chris, from Michigan

*Results may vary.

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I saw a naturopath a few years before making an appointment.… But compared to what I’ve been through with Dr. Kajiki, she addressed nothing. I had gained about 35 pounds in a couple years—not really eating any differently than normal. I’d held the same weight for a long time.

I had a great deal of fatigue. I was taking a couple of naps a day. I had brain fog, couldn’t remember anything.… I was feeling like I was losing my ability to fight off colds and flu. I just knew that I wasn’t feeling well. My stomach was upset. I had a lot of gastrointestinal issues. I had depression and would wake up several times throughout the night.

In 5 months, I’ve had about a 75% improvement. I’m 66 years old. I was on my feet yesterday for about 15 hours, and it was a normal day for me. I could not have done that in the state I was in 5 months ago. * — Susan, from Illinois

*Results may vary.

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