Now that you’ve gained an understanding of Dr. Gil Kajiki’s passion for helping people with thyroid issues, the reasons why it’s important to identify and target your triggers, and the types of protocols he uses to help people like you, it’s time for you to read some of the success stories.


Read on to hear from individuals who have visited the Valley Thyroid Institute and are now symptom-free!

K.G.’s Story

K.G., who lives in France, followed Dr. Kajiki’s personalized protocol and experienced 85% fatigue improvement in 2 weeks!

“I was dealing with symptoms since I was 17, but for the last 4 years, I’ve suffered with constant brain fog, chronic fatigue, bloating, liver and gall bladder dysfunction. I’d go into the same room multiple times to do the same thing and couldn’t remember why I went into the room. Only after 2 weeks of working with Dr Kajiki the majority of my symptoms are gone and I have lost at this point seven and a half pounds in 10 days roughly!! Sleeping all the way through the night. The pain in my stomach and gall bladder are pretty much gone. Memory and brain fog are much better. I’ve improved about 85%-90% in 2 weeks.”

— K.G., France

G.K.’s Story

G.K. followed Dr. Kajiki’s all natural protocols and benefited from dramatic symptom improvement in just 2 weeks.

“I had such horrible brain fog and body pain, I could hardly function at work. Within 2 weeks of starting a De-Inflammatory eating plan I had a 90% reduction in pain, as well massive improvement with brain function and fatigue. I can now function normally and be productive at home and at work, and I was able to accomplish this with the help of Dr. Kajiki on all natural protocols when modern medicine failed me.”

— G.K., Missouri, USA

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer received relief from ongoing alopecia in as little as 7 weeks!

“I was suffering from Alopecia, social anxiety, depression and massive energy crashes during the day. The progression of my symptoms was so insidious I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I had a very aggressive episode of Alopecia. I lost my hair within a month. Within 2 days I was feeling 20% better!! Around 7 weeks my brain fog is gone, I can function and do all my daily activities, I feel positive and want to engage with people now. My relationship with my partner is much, much better. All my hair grew back in all of my bald spots in this 7 weeks and have a full head of hair now.”

— Jennifer P., Los Angeles, CA, USA

Chris’ Story

Chris has Hashimoto’s and reported improvement from brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, and insomnia with the help of Dr. Kajiki’s de-inflammatory eating plan and anti-inflammatory supplements.

“Well I knew that something was going on with my thyroid, so I was surfing the web a lot and watching a lot of YouTube. And when I saw Lisa Garr was interviewing you on Gaia Network that really intrigued me. And when I heard what you were saying it was completely different than what anyone else had been saying. And it really struck a chord with me so I was very excited to find out more about you.

I have worked with two naturopaths, two Western doctors and just a slew of doctors over the years we have done a ton of testing. I thought I’d had every test possible but I can see that it wasn’t even close to the proper testing.

Well you know I had no idea what a low point I was at because it has been coming on gradually for actually decades I think. So it was really that I had a lot of pain, my hips my shoulder and my thumb which is not good because I am a chef. So you know it was affecting my work and it was affecting my sleep. I had IBS like symptoms but I didn’t realize I had brain fog until it finally lifted. Energy was low and then what they thought was a goiter. You know I have got tons of warts on my feet and my immunity just isn’t behaving the way that it used to and that’s really concerning to me. And for about a year-and-a-half just coughing and coughing. And then just before I started working with you I started choking when I was eating often. And not only is that dangerous it’s embarrassing too.

Well within a few days of starting the protocol, the pain started to alleviate and it just continued to alleviate more and more. So with that being lifted I have been able to sleep better – so my sleep is improving and my pain is better, and I had no idea, like I said, that I had brain fog. But I am just on point at work so much better, and I am coming up with really creative solutions. My IBS like symptoms had prevented me from going into work sometimes in the morning and I had to stay home. I would have appointments that I would have to cancel and things like that, and that’s not happening anymore so I mean it’s just priceless to me.

Well not only do I feel better but everyone around me is noticing it too. My employees my friends and my family, everyone just says what are you doing differently here. So it’s pretty fantastic thank you so much.”

— Chris, Michigan, USA

Minisa’s Story

Minisa dealt with thyroid and autoimmune issues for 30 years before speaking with Dr. Kajiki over the phone and experiencing relief due to his recommended protocol.

“Doctors would accuse me of not being compliant with medications if my labs came back out of the normal range. I was told I am exaggerating and have even been told that I must be confused because that can’t happen, referring to the side effects of the medications. My body was shutting down and I felt so bad I ended up frequently using a walker and needing all kinds of other medical interventions that I was hopeful would provide a bit of relief only to be let down.

I clicked on a few things and learned a little about your philosophy and the part of your wife’s story that you shared. While interested, I was sure that it wouldn’t work for me- after all, I had been hearing such negative things for 15 years. But I remained intrigued. After I took a leap and talked with you for the 15 minute phone consult, I hung up in tears. You got it! You practice in a straight forward, get to the bottom of it, no nonsense way. Instead of treating symptoms, you look for the cause.

I had already given up on getting better but then I met you over the phone and decided I will see what happens, I had nothing to lose. With my parents support, I began your program and my life began to immediately change- within the first meal off the food list I could feel a difference. I have not strayed from the food program, I take my supplements as directed and follow through with exactly what you suggest. After all, I have proven to be a good student before! I lost 23 pounds immediately, sleep got better, brain fog lifted, skin and hair look better, my swollen face is gone, and so many more things are just so much better!

When a couple symptoms remained and you weren’t comfortable with that even though I kept saying I’m so much better than before! you remained curious and found Epstein Barr was also something I was dealing with and had never ever been tested for or diagnosed with prior. I can’t express to you how appreciative I am for your curiosity, dedication to thinking outside the box of medical treatment, commitment to patient care, amazing support, constant availability for questions and feedback, LISTENING, taking my symptoms seriously, encouraging me, and sincere desire to help me and your other patients get better and find relief.

Thank you Dr. Kajiki …..thank you.”

— Minisa

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