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It all started 12 years ago…

My wife, Kim, was battling with a variety of symptoms. Night sweats, heart palpitations, fatigue… I felt completely helpless.

Doctor after doctor would come back and say that her labs were “normal,” but we knew better. We knew that there was something causing these mystery symptoms. Seeing her struggle every day to just function lit a fire in me.

A determination to figure out what was causing these symptoms that plagued the love of my life. I had made it my mission to make sure that she wouldn’t have to struggle like this again.

And then it happened… After tireless research, I figured it out. I had cracked the code. Reviewing her labs revealed something that every doctor she had seen overlooked. There was something beneath the surface of “normal.” With the new-found knowledge, I began to create a protocol for my wife to practice. After several trials and minor tweaks, we had found something that works and, because of this, my wife has been living symptom free.

I can’t stand to think about somebody having to go through the prolonged struggle with this condition like Kim did. I felt helpless at times during this period knowing that the person I loved the most was struggling and I couldn’t find anyone that could help her. Because of this experience, I have dedicated my practice to helping Hashimoto’s and low thyroid patients overcome their symptoms naturally.

Your struggle may be similar. We are here to help!

Wondering if our approach is right for you?

Schedule a FREE 15-minute Phone Consultation Today
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Dr. Kajiki was extremely helpful in improving my health! Using his protocols and suggested supplements, I was able to get my symptoms under control. He helped me refine my diet, and figure out many of my triggers. It was nice to go into his office, and know that he had really listened to me! He is a kind practitioner, and I appreciated his advice and guidance. He was extremely helpful in my healing. Thank you, Dr. Kajiki!
Joy Ferrante

Dr Kajiki has been a great help to me and my treatment of Hashimotos. I learned a great deal about diet and supplements which will last me a life time. After following his protocol, I began to feel better and better. I am still following so much of his advice and it continues to help.

Thank you to Dr. Kajiki!

Jesica Nkouaga