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The Valley Thyroid Institute is located in Tarzana, CA and treatment services are offered both locally and nationwide. Dr. Gil Kajiki specializes in comprehensively evaluating the exact symptoms and triggers that cause debilitating thyroid issues in order to design individualized treatment plans that include specific recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes as well as pharmaceutical-grade nutritional and herbal supplements.

Dr. Kajiki’s dedication to helping individuals with ongoing thyroid problems started 12 years ago after watching his wife struggle with extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, night sweats, and other frustrating symptoms that made it difficult for her to function. He was also right beside her when doctor after doctor told her that her lab results were normal and that she simply needed to take medication to mask her discomfort.

It was this experience that encouraged Dr. Kajiki to spend tireless hours conducting research until he discovered that his wife has Hashimoto’s disease. Through his continued research, he even identified the specific triggers that played a major role in her unbearable condition. After several trials, Dr. Kajiki found the right combination of dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes that helped his wife become symptom free. Now, his goal is to help other people who are suffering as his wife did, to experience a symptom free life.

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Dr. Kajiki’s methods are beneficial and unique because he uses an advanced holistic treatment approach to identify key triggers that are contributing to your specific symptoms and then he directly addresses the triggers. In doing so, he gets to the heart of the underlying factors that are causing the thyroid issues in order to promote long-term recovery.

Most doctors who practice conventional medicine run basic thyroid tests and write prescriptions that usually don’t target the real problem, especially if the results of the thyroid tests come back normal. This leads to lengthy periods of taking medications that don’t work and often cause harmful side effects. If you’re like Dr. Kajiki’s wife, then you know that this route does not work. It’s time to meet with someone who not only specializes in thyroid-related health problems, but also cares about healing your entire body.

There is no reason you should continue to suffer. Speak with a doctor who knows firsthand how debilitating thyroid issues can be and who has dedicated his life’s work to helping people lead symptom-free lives.

Dr. Kajiki was extremely helpful in improving my health! Using his protocols and suggested supplements, I was able to get my symptoms under control. He helped me refine my diet, and figure out many of my triggers. It was nice to go into his office, and know that he had really listened to me! He is a kind practitioner, and I appreciated his advice and guidance. He was extremely helpful in my healing. Thank you, Dr. Kajiki!
Joy Ferrante

Dr Kajiki has been a great help to me and my treatment of Hashimotos. I learned a great deal about diet and supplements which will last me a life time. After following his protocol, I began to feel better and better. I am still following so much of his advice and it continues to help.

Thank you to Dr. Kajiki!

Jesica Nkouaga

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